The Top-5 KLM History Blogs

I posted my 20th blog last week and, believe it or not, it’s still as exciting as ever. On Sundays, I keep checking how many likes my story gets on Facebook, and the comments that readers post. When I get to the office on Monday, my colleagues at social media send me the statistics to let me know how I’ve scored. I’d like to tell you a little more about that here.

I can see how many people have visited my blog and how long they have stayed on the page. That’s a pretty good measure of their appreciation. And it’s an incentive for me. It gives me some idea of how well I’m doing. It all begins with the choice of topic, of course. Sometimes there’s a specific reason or milestone, like the 80th anniversary of our first transatlantic flight in late December, and sometimes I’ll write a blog because I get a special request from a reader. That’s what prompted my blog about the KLM logo.

My Top-5, most-read and, I assume, most-popular blogs are the following:

  1. A fond farewell for the MD-11
  2. The first wide-body airplane: Boeing 747
  3. The jet age
  4. How many cars fit into a Boeing 747
  5. A strong and lasting logo

Mainly planes

Looking at that list, I’m inclined to conclude that posts about planes are particularly popular. The MD-11, Boeing 747 and DC-8 are all very special aircraft that marked the start or end of specific eras. Needless to say, there would be no aviation without planes. If you like aviation, you like planes. Never a truer word was spoken, but I need to keep things varied, because there are many other topics to cover in aviation history. Still, I like to keep my readers happy, so I’ll be taking a look at another plane in the KLM fleet in the near future. If you have any preferences, please let me know. There are plenty of options to choose from.

cars boeing 747

Comments are fun

Although the likes are very flattering, I really get the biggest thrill from your comments. Either on Facebook or on the blog itself. I always try to respond as quickly as possible. Sometimes you put me to work, because I have to find answers to questions. Your enthusiasm never ceases to surprise me, because I’m never quite sure if the topic I’ve chosen is interesting or not. It might be fun to write about, but is it really interesting? Fortunately, you often seem to think so, but I need to stay as sharp as possible.

Care and accuracy

Care and accuracy are important. I need to choose the right references, check them carefully, and decide which information is most relevant and needs to be included in the blog. A story crammed full of statistics isn’t particularly interesting to most people, and I want to keep as many readers as happy as possible.


Sometimes I’ll include a video and there are always three photos, because that’s how the layout is arranged. Next week I’ll be tackling another snippet in KLM history, but I’m glad I could update you on my own blog history in this post. I’ll keep writing and look forward to reading your future comments on my pieces about the past.


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desmond chiang

Your write on the Last Great race was a story about yesteryear era of aircraft which crew experienced make a difference.

Frido Ogier

Thanks Desmond, it was a pleasure to have written it. The other ones as well, by the way


Good morning, awesome to read the stories and see the pictures of old Aviation. One of the best taken pictures of MD11 I have seen. As if the KLM blue disappears permanently out of an old Schiphol picture…. Good luck with your blog. Coert.J.Ruiter/Heerhugowaard

Frido Ogier

Thanks Coert, its a great pleasure writing these blogs. I do hope to continue for some time this series.


Thanks for the great stories. Growing up as a child KLM was literally part of the family. My father was with KLM for most of my life through college. He is now 86 and I enjoy telling him some of the history- he then tells me how he remembers a story here and there and it’s priceless.
Happy new year and thankyou.

Frido Ogier

Laat ik in het Nederlands antwoorden :-) Goed om te horen dat u de blogs graag leest. Het is leuk om ze te schrijven en op onderzoek uit te gaan. Ik ga voorlopig wel even door met schrijven. Hopelijk geniet ook uw vader er nog lang van!

Hartelijke groet en alle goeds voor het nieuwe jaar.



Hey there! I&817#2;ve been reading your blog for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from New Caney Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the excellent job!


I am always Very impressed with the pics and the planes themselves. What I would love is a picture or poster of a KLM 747 & where can I get a model KLM Jumbo. Mark

Frido Ogier

Dear Mark, I can imagine! You can buy a freighter version of a 747 at KLM shop. That’s a digital KLM shop. Please google and you’ll find it. I’m afraid that there are no posters of a 747 available as far as I know, but maybe secondhand?

Kind regards,


Dr John Quinn

Actually, there are several manufacturers of models (Herpa), and both models of all types, and some print material, can be found at!

Carlos Vieira

This is good times. The passenger has space to site comfortable between chairs.

Paula Rebel

KLM has been my life. My father since 1947. I myself from 1972 till 1978 as a stess. Thanks to KLM we lived in Curacao, Canada.
Enjoy all pictures of KLM.

Frido Ogier

Thanks Paula!

kjell ludvik larsen

Jeg har mister tilgang til min flying Blu akaunt. Mort no 4487374986

Mike de Souza

Great Blog and I have always been interested in aviation. My brother is the head of CASAS here in Suriname and my Brother in law, Lai Khouw works in the IT Dept at KLM. Keep it up with those great stories. Love them.

Frido Ogier

I’ll do my best Mike. :-) Thanks for your compliment!

selcuk turan

my favourite airlines and like yours shares,especially black white photos




Gerard van der Zwaard

KLM van nationale trots naar veels te dure middelmatige luchtvaartmaatschappij met verregaande low cost aspiraties.

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