Top 7 KLM Facebook Posts In 2017

Lists and rankings – it’s almost impossible to avoid them on social media these days: the Top 3 Batman Movies; the 10 Funniest Gherkins; the 17 Jobs You Can Do In Pyjamas; the Six Best Ways To Borrow Money From A Gnome.

We apologise for publishing yet another ranking list ourselves. In all fairness to us, it’s important to any social media team to look back at what the best posts were. We hope you’ll enjoy revisiting KLM’s Top 7 Facebook Posts Of 2017!

 #7 Connecting seats

What would you ask a stranger if you were sitting in a seat that translates everything on the spot? At Christmas, KLM installed two seats opposite one another at Schiphol. Using special technology, the seat translated every sentence for the stranger sitting in the other seat! This led to some very heart-warming exchanges.


If you could talk to everyone in the world, what would you share? 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🎄✨

Posted by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines on Friday, December 22, 2017

#6 Just chill

Sometimes planes don’t really need to make any effort at all. They can get 39,000-plus likes for “just chilling”! Or maybe they were just “pity likes” for that big, blue bird sitting out in the cold?

Just chilling…

Geplaatst door KLM Royal Dutch Airlines op woensdag 11 januari 2017

#5 Some posts really take off

The magic of flight never gets old. Our informative video on “how a plane takes off” soared to great heights with 40,000 likes.

#4 Bye-bye Fokker

October 2017 marked the end of 97 years of shared history between KLM and Dutch aircraft manufacturer Fokker. Lots of people were sad to see our last Fokkers go, but there were also some beautiful cockpit shots on KLM’s very last Fokker flight, ensuring that everyone could fly with this classic aircraft one last time. This ode to Fokker got 50,000 likes.

#3 King-sized post

He’s a true king! Apart from signing in laws and taking royal decisions, King Willem Alexander is also a co-pilot at KLM. Our fans and followers clearly appreciated the king’s “side-hustle”, putting him in third place for 2017, with more than 50.000 likes.

'This is your Royal Highness speaking'

Geplaatst door KLM Royal Dutch Airlines op woensdag 17 mei 2017

#2 Morning glory

The KLM social media team wants to offer followers the very best content. “Let’s shoot a video!” “Let’s make it a 360 video!” “Let’s make it a 360 video and broadcast it live!” Sometimes we get carried away when creating awesome posts. Fortunately, you all managed to keep your feet firmly on the ground, giving 55,000-plus likes to this simply superb photo.

Morning glory

Geplaatst door KLM Royal Dutch Airlines op zondag 26 maart 2017

#1 Bring on 2018

Officially, this was posted in the first minute of 2018, but we’re taking the liberty of counting it as part of 2017. This festive visual got the most likes – almost 100,000 in total! Was it the fireworks? Or were you all simply celebrating KLM’s last content for 2017? Whatever the case may be, we hope this sets the standard for your enthusiasm in 2018! Thanks for your support and attention!