Wanted: men!

I’ve always wondered why the majority of people I meet think that the job of cabin attendant is a typically female thing. It’s an idea that must have grown over the years. According to the stories of retired cabin attendants I spoke to, who used to work in the business in the early years, it used to be a typically male thing at that time.

I’m going to skate on thin ice now, but if you asked me, I would say there are quite a few reasons to claim that the job of cabin attendant is still more a male thing. We ladies survive rather well in this job nowadays, but if you look at some of the aspects of our work, I guess males are just better qualified.

There’s little need to mention that the physical requirements of this job can be rather high. Fortunately, it’s common for women to work out frequently as well these days, which makes the average female body fitter for the tough work. But the average man has some mental advantages too. I realise that many female readers will hate me from now on, so please be aware that I speak for myself on this point.

cabin attendantOkay, I tend to take things more seriously and personally than the average man. If there’s a problem to be solved during a flight, I think it over, look at all aspects involved, discuss the pros and cons with my colleagues and then think it over again. The flight might well be ended before I finally take action! How refreshing it is when a male colleague takes the bull by the horns. Immediate action, a joke and a smile: problem solved. And then back to work. Whereas I would want to evaluate the situation thoroughly afterwards as well.Male characteristics like common sense, authority and quick-wittedness are awfully handy in our job. Mind you, I’m not saying that women lack these virtues. It’s just that (speaking for myself again!) they aren’t – how shall I put this? – well, part of my nature. I learned to use my common sense, show some authority and become more alert. It didn’t come naturally.

Ah well, so much has been said about the differences between men and women. And about the fact that a lot of it is nonsense. Who am I to add anything to that? Maybe I should just make a simple statement: cabin attendant is neither a typically female nor a typically male job. But I’d love to have more male colleagues!

So you, flexible, enthusiastic, open-minded, cool, adventurous guy, please apply for this job with KLM and become my colleague!