Weird Places: The Upside-down House

There are people who make it a sport to visit the strangest and most remarkable places on earth. Our “weird places” blog is designed to give them a nudge in a new direction.

Do you ever feel the need to turn everything on its head? I do. Pretty often, in fact. Maybe even a little too often. If this is a problem you’ve experienced, you might want to visit a house that stands upside-down in Moscow.

Hilarious photos

The idea behind it certainly isn’t new—it continues to crop up time and again. And, why not? You can watch it in amazement for hours at a time. Once you overcome your own dizziness, it’s a great way to make hilarious photos that no one can understand.


Everything is correct about the house. Even the books in the shelves are upside-down and nothing falls down… or is it up. Everything is glued to the ceiling. (Or is it the floor?) It’s all a little confusing.

One of a kind?

The house is certainly not the only one of its kind. There are different versions of the idea in the US, Poland, Japan, Germany, and Austria. In the US, there is an upside-down (and smaller) version of the White House. In Kiev, there is even a completely upside-down restaurant. The Russian version of the house is in the “All-Russian Exhibition Centre” in the centre of Moscow.


The political message

The first person to build a house that stood upside-down was Daniel Czapiewski, a Polish entrepreneur and philanthropist. Its construction was a political message reflecting the communist world as a reality that had been turned on its head. These days, the houses are mostly meant to amuse.