After we arrived in Panama City, the outgoing crew told us some great stories about spotting whales. Apparently it was the season. So we decided right away to go on a boat trip the next morning. Unfortunately, the only boat we knew of was already taken for the next day. Too tired to go and find another boat, we planned other trips for the next day and booked the boat for the day after. However, the next evening we found out that ‘our’ boat had technical problems that couldn’t be fixed right away. After making a dozen phone calls to find another boat, it soon became apparent that we were not the only ones who wanted to go whale-watching: all of them were booked. Undiscouraged, we decided to take the ferry to a nearby island. According to the stories of our colleagues, the whales were everywhere in great numbers, so no doubt we would spot some from the ferry.

Whale watching water

Next morning, it was dark and cloudy. Just a few minutes after sailing off, it started to rain. We were forced to leave our perfect seats in the open air at the front of the boat so as not to get soaked completely. After an hour’s boat ride we arrived on the island cold and wet without spotting a single whale. Sheltering underneath a broken lean-to on the beach, we imagined seeing whales between the rocking boats in the harbour. We started to film funny looking waves, which could have been whales, and took close-ups of wood on the beach, which looked a little like them as well. The rain never stopped so after a lovely lunch at a cute little guesthouse we caught the ferry back.

Whale watching

I guess whales don’t like bad weather either, since again we spotted none. To complete our whale-watching report, we recorded whale sounds – at least, what we thought they probably sounded like, since we hadn’t actually heard any.
Back at the hotel, we were still aching with laughter and we decided we’d had a perfect day. Sun and whales couldn’t have made it better.
I just hope that our home front will be impressed by our audio-visual report on our whale-watching trip.