Where are we – France, Indonesia, Mexico?

My father saw a lot more of the world than I ever will. The photos of his travels – dating mainly from the 1960s and ’70s – clearly show that he had a fascination for trains, cars and boats. There is also a photo of a helicopter, but there are no photos of planes. Although I do have a very short snippet of 8-mm film footage of the KLM aircraft that brought my grandparents to Johannesburg from Amsterdam sometime during the 1970s.

As I mentioned previously, I digitised a selection of my father’s slides after his death. He never labelled them, unfortunately, so I’m never quite sure where the photos were taken. Once again I turn to my readers to help me ascertain the location of the photos below, which feature various modes of transport.

This looks like a still from a French movie. The newly-wed couple have leapt out of their bubble car and run barefoot onto the beach. The wedding guests have gathered to watch them playing in the surf. Perhaps not, but this does look like the Mediterranean, maybe somewhere near Nice or Cannes. The car is a Citroën, I think, but smaller than the famous Ugly Duckling or Deux Chevaux. But why is it parked in the middle of the circle? And where did all the wedding guests park their cars?
This train was probably an unusual sight, even in those days, which explains why my father took the picture. He has signed the photo with a self-portrait of his hands in the mirror. The car looks like a Mercedes. There’s a lake or pond or river in the background, and beyond that a village with a stumpy steeple. Could this be somewhere in Germany or Denmark or Sweden?

At first I thought this might be somewhere in Asia, perhaps Indonesia, because of the skull cap the “gondolier” is wearing. But then I took a closer look and saw that there were men wearing sombreros aboard the barge. A mariachi band? Mexico maybe?

If you know where these photos were taken or if you have any other information about them, please let me know as soon as possible. My daughter is in love with the little green car and will be holding her breath until she gets one.