The New World Business Class: Anytime For You!

KLM has been operating a new service model in World Business Class since 1 July. Practically throughout the entire flight, WBC passengers can order whatever they like from the Anytime For You menu. What’s more, we’ll even surprise them from time to time with a delicious bite to eat that they didn’t even see on the menu. Food, wine and travel reporter Diederik Swart takes a look behind the scenes in the galley during the new service.

Watch my vlog to see what this service looks like behind the scenes.

When the call-out came for crew members who wanted to get involved in Anytime For You, I didn’t hesitate. After all, what could be more fun than to play restaurant at 30,000 feet?

Fortunately, I was quick enough to respond, and now I’m one of the happy few (few, for the time being) who can start with the on-demand model. For the time being, because they only require a small club of business class specialists to start with. The concept is currently being conducted on flights to Johannesburg and to Bangkok starting in November.

Galley Food

Sleep, graze or dine

The idea behind the new service comes from the fact that passengers will be coming from different time zones. One will have just finished breakfast. Another just wants to sleep. Yet another is in the mood for a small snack, while someone else is ready for supper.

Anytime for You Menu

In principle, lunch will be served to everyone at the same time following departure, but passengers don’t necessarily have to take part. Thereafter, they’ll have the opportunity to eat and drink whatever – and whenever – they want throughout the rest of the flight. Hence, Anytime For You.

Passengers can choose from eight different dishes which the stewards and stewardesses will prepare and serve à la minute.

Good preparation makes all the difference

Before performing the service, we have to complete an e-learning programme and attend a one-day workshop. During the course, we go through all the steps. We also make our own lunch as we would do that for the passengers on board. And we discuss the tasks of the various team members, because there are some major differences with other flights. This calls for far more activities – we serve practically everything by hand as we would in a restaurant and we assemble all the dishes in the galley – so we need an extra cabin attendant on the team.

Class Room

During my first flight to Johannesburg, I had the honour of being that extra CA. Having worked as a chef, I can work in the galley, make all the preparations for the service, assemble the dishes, and coordinate the service – the jack-of-all trades on the team.

Curious to know how this all works on board? Watch my vlog to see what the new service looks like behind the scenes.

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Fred Peeters

Wat een mooie service, het kietelt als CA werkelijk al je kwaliteiten.


HI KLM home


that is Great


That is Great innavation

Hendrika de Gruijter

We traveled WBC on July 28 from Vancouver to Amsterdam, no service like that. We even had the same menu as last October when we took the same trip.. Would be nice to have that service when we fly back from Amsterdam to Vancouver in October.


The concept is currently being conducted on flights to Johannesburg and to Bangkok starting in November.

Jeanne de Ridder

Ik vind het elke keer weer een fantastische belevenis!!


Super initiatief, maar nog geen realiteit. Zowel op de vlucht van 1 juli (AMS-LAX) als op de vlucht van 23 juli (SFO-AMS) niets van “Anytime for you” gezien. Waar de heen vlucht top was, hebben we op de terug vlucht bijna geen eten gezien. naast lunch en ontbijt op deze nachtvlucht waren er geen snacks oid, ook geen service terwijl we toch lange tijd wakker waren.


The concept is currently being conducted on flights to Johannesburg and to Bangkok starting in November.

Jeff Cacy

I’ve always found KLM to be extremely hospitable! The highest standards anywhere. I love, love KLM service, and I have dozens of Dutch houses to prove it. I’m excited for this new service! Good luck everyone. You’ve got this right!

Jorge Rojas

The traditional excellent KLM’s service……….from the DC-8 times…I remember the very good service and meals on board the Royal Class

Viktoriya Yagupova

Great idea KLM, i am a big fan of KLM, u do a great job, always doing your best to be polite, friendly, creative, but also correct and giving a feeling to be appreciated no matter if eco or WBC class. I ❤ KLM.
Good luck with a new service and looking forward to be on board of ur flights again

Franz Pfister

As his popularly requested personal flight attendant for Prins Bernhard in the 1950’s, my father used all his skills from his silver service and chef training to provide a la carte meals at “any time”.

Luis Vázquez

Not a lot of new things: the Great service and Great food as always has been the WBC.
Well, only one that I didn’t really like: the amenity kits are going to worse in every change.. I really missed the bluey ones.

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