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About a year ago we started with the development of a complete new app especially designed for iPads. We saw in our web analytics that more and more people were visiting the KLM website using their iPad. To better serve this growing group of tablet users the idea to create the KLM App for iPad… read more »

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Passengers often ask: what’s your favourite destination? I always chuckle. Rio, Paris, Singapore, New York, South Africa – I love all these places. But Amsterdam is still my absolute favourite. The feeling begins on the homebound flight to Amsterdam. On the train from Schiphol, and then on Tram 1 to my doorstep. Home sweet home.… read more »

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The immense popularity of KLM Surprise, a campaign that saw KLM treating passengers to personalised gifts, got me thinking about ways we could do something similar for our passengers on a permanent basis. “Social gifting” is a concept that was highly popular for some time and entails giving each other gifts with the aid of… read more »

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19 december hand baggage

The holiday season is coming up again and many of us will be flying around the world to be with our loved ones. During the coming weeks,  our airport (Schiphol) and the other airports in our network will be crowded with passengers leaving the country or continuing on their way to the next destination. Of… read more »

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It was a cloudy day in the Netherlands. I was sitting in a conference room at KLM Head Office with a few social media colleagues, waiting for a meeting to start. We were discussing the @Sweden twitter account, which delegates a Swede to tweet about his/her country for one week. The tweets are genuine, open… read more »

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As you may know, I’m on a mission to visit every country on Earth. The counter is up to 164, which means I have 30 countries to go. This probably explains my love of maps and globes. When I visited the world’s one and only Globe Museum in Vienna many years ago, I felt like… read more »

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What do the following topics have in common? Music, axolotls, computers, tattoos, hormone therapy, lizards’ livers, street interviews, rape culture, Patrick Leigh Fermor, ethnomathematics, maintenance, the Mile High Club, and falling. Any idea? No? These are all topics for documentaries suggested by cyberfriends via Facebook and Twitter. My task was to write a blog about… read more »