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Since 2008 I work at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. It’s a very dynamic environment that makes me happy every day. You see how beautiful and divers the world is with many different people and cultures. And because I like to share special and beautiful moments, I invite you to follow me during my job as Landside Agent Departure (LAV) at our national pride: KLM.

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I’m happy to say I have a locker where I can keep my valuables during my shifts. I always go to the locker room before my shift begins. Nothing very unusual about that — not until I walk around the corner to the sinks. And there it stands — a large, grey box with a… read more »

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The Unaccompanied Minor (UM) service is compulsory for youngsters aged 5 to 14 travelling alone. The service is not compulsory for slightly older passengers aged 15 to 17, although it can be arranged if required. UMs wait for their flights in the KLM Junior Jet Lounge (JJL). They fly in on KLM flights or those… read more »

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A young woman with a large rucksack was calling to Tijn to hurry up. After calling for the third time, a little boy wandered over, very relaxed, at his own pace. My heart melted when I saw this sweet little man. I used all my magnetism to draw these two passengers to my check-in counter.… read more »

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Recently, in my task as floorwalker, I noticed a man — very tall and of advanced years — at the check-in machines. He was standing hunched over and I assumed he wasn’t feeling well. In the few minutes that I watched him, I was able to guess he was travelling alone. Very clearly, no one… read more »

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If you ever had the opportunity to join us – KLM ground employees -  during an evening break, the first thing that would strike you would be the smell. Here the cuisines of China, Thailand, Italy, Turkey and the Netherlands mingle. And everyone who, like me, is mad about delicious, healthy food, swaps recipes for… read more »

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“Suut Africa,” she would write on the blackboard. Then the stories would come and we would imagine climbing up Table Mountain with her for a picnic, with a spectacular view of Cape Town. Or we would go on safari, marvelling at the speed of the springbok, sniffing a “suikerbossie” (sugarbush) and meeting her friends out… read more »

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During my work, I often have to deal with passengers who have taken too much baggage, or irregular baggage. Most of the time, it’s not a problem, because there are tariffs and transport regulations for irregular baggage. And sometimes it leads to something special. Musicians In lock-step, they approach the full-service check-in counter. A group… read more »