New episodes of KLM’s podcast “The Journey”

Last year, KLM introduced its first series of podcasts featuring special stories about life-changing journeys. Thanks to the overwhelming success of the first series, we will release a second series this spring.

Each episode of “The Journey” revolves around a single story narrated by the person who experienced it. Each one is true, lifelike and sometimes heart-breaking. This is how we get to know an American woman named Shannon in the new series. She has settled on an idyllic Thai island with the love of her life. Sadly, over time, the dream turns into a nightmare. But, in the end, she draws strength from her travels and learns important life lessons along the way.

We also hear the story of Tony Wheeler. He his wife got into a second-hand car in the 1970s and drive from Europe to Asia. After thousands of kilometres and countless experiences, he comes to the conclusion that he can share his knowledge with others. Finally, an iconic travel brand is born: Lonely Planet.

Flooded by responses

Just like last year, I’m closely involved in creating the episodes for “The Journey.” After the launch we were overwhelmed with reactions from listeners from all over the world, who were touched by the podcast’s personal and beautiful stories. That’s an enormous compliment, of course. I’m also very proud that our podcast has received many leading prizes such as the Lovies Awards, the Red Dot Awards, and a prestigious nomination for the Webby Awards.

Exceptional stories

The great part about “The Journey” is that, as a listener, you get the feeling that you’re travelling together with the narrator. Our team of specialists has again done its best this year to convey these exceptional stories as well as we possibly can. By bringing in a perceptive interviewer, adding special sound effects, and using my own soundtrack, I hope to give listeners a unique travel experience.

If you like would to share your own experience in our podcast, we at would love to hear about the journey that has changed your life. “The Journey” is available at no charge on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. Of course, you can also listen to our podcasts on board KLM aircraft Inflight Entertainment.