Armin Only Intense: A Show That Crawls Under Your Skin #01

As an active supporter of the Dutch music industry’s pioneering spirit, KLM is helping to showcase it on the international stage. That’s why KLM is flying the best Dutch DJs, including Armin van Buuren, to their international shows. This year we flew Armin, his crew and cargo to several shows like St Petersburg, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles,  Mexico City, Manila, Johannesburg and more destinations will follow.

In the run up to the final concerts on his tour Intense, Armin will be blogging about the preparations, giving you a unique glimpse behind the scenes.

A journey that revolves around the music

It just started out as a small idea. A concept. A strong desire to bring something more to the scene than the short, off-the-shelve sets. I wanted to take people on a journey. A journey that revolves around the music, but is about much more than music. Armin Only Intense tells a story embodied through countless acts, acrobatics and visuals; dubbed by a 6-hour soundtrack. A show that crawls under your skin, lets you feel and can only be described by one word; Intense.

Brought to life by countless hands

It’s beautiful to see something as simple as just the smallest idea grow to the magnitude the Armin Only Intense show has become. The show was brought to life by countless hands, from producer to singer and dancer, everybody gave absolutely everything to make it to the show that it is now. People actually perceive the show the way we initially intended. To see the endless possibilities; in a time where everything passes by so fast and new shows follow the one after the other in quick succession. A show that makes you stop for a second and lets you forget everything around you and experience all that is music in its purest form.

The nerves were tangible

The big test came in November 2013. We were about to run the show in front of a life audience for the first time. While everybody was psyched and looking forward to do the show for the first time, the nerves backstage were tangible. After I pushed the play button on the very first track of the show, all the weight I felt; these nerves, all fell of. What I felt, I saw in the performances of the entire team! Everyone enjoyed every single minute of every performance like it was just us and the audience left in the entire world. These first two shows turned out absolutely amazing!

Know the lines by heart

After the incredible success in the Ziggo Dome we took the show on the road. People from all over the world experienced the show and we took them on the same musical journey; we took the audience in Amsterdam. It seems like yesterday we had our world tour initiation in Kiev. Now, six months later, we’ve seen every corner of the world, done 22 shows (with even more shows to come) and up ahead; the grand finally of the Armin Only Intense tour at the Ziggo Dome. With this many shows under our belt and the experience we gained during these shows, I am absolutely convinced that the final show in the Ziggo Dome will be that much better. I believe the best comparison would be that of an actor memorizing his lines. At some point the actor knows the lines by heart in such a way that he transcends the text and is able to act in a way that perfectly conveys the true meaning his role. Furthermore, every set is different than the former and, in its own way, has grown tremendously over the last six months. Even though it’s a thought out concept, the show at its basis, is still a DJ set and subject to the numerous factors during the show that influence it. So in essence, my performance during the show, is still freestyling.

A glimpse of the impossible

For the final shows I felt the need to give the audience something more. I believe any world tour in general and the Armin Only Intense tour specifically, shouldn’t ‘just’ end. That’s why we decided to take the last shows on December 5 and 6 in the Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam to the next level. We’ve added some extra show moments we didn’t get to do the first time. Show moments that will show you a glimpse of the impossible. Believe me, the final shows will go beyond Intense.

Presale August 9

Since the first show sold out really fast, and we’re expecting this final show to sell out even faster, we’re offering the fans the opportunity to join and register for Armin Only Intense World Tour; The final shows. The presale will take place on August 9 between 10:00 and 12:00. Make sure you don’t miss out on a show that is likely to see the stage for the last time.