Five reasons why it’s amazing to fly for KLM Cityhopper

As a young girl, I used to watch the aeroplanes overhead and when anyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I didn’t hesitate saying: “I want to become a stewardess.” And that’s exactly what I did: around six years ago, I began flying for KLM Cityhopper. And, after six incredibly amazing years, I’ve just taken the step to join “the big KLM”. “Will you miss KLM Cityhopper?” Yes, absolutely! And that’s what prompted me to share my five biggest reasons for finding it amazing to have flown for KLM Cityhopper.

1. Teamwork makes the dream work

I was 21 when I first took to the skies with KLM Cityhopper. The rest of the team weren’t much older: my colleague was 24 and both pilots were around 30. Did you know that the combined age of our four-person team doesn’t even add up to 100 sometimes?
You carry a great deal of responsibility working in a small team. Dealing with a measure of stress goes with the territory, because the flights are often short and there’s a lot to do. But it’s fantastic to pull together as a team to get the job done as efficiently as possible, while at the same time giving the passengers the attention they deserve. There’s no time to twiddle your thumbs, certainly because we have to nail the “turnaround” within half an hour of arriving at the gate, before departing for one of KLC’s 70 European destinations.

2. Moving your World

The passengers are the nicest thing about my job. We welcome the entire world on board. That means a huge diversity of cultures, and exciting, interesting stories. I make sure I set aside time to chat. From couples heading off on their honeymoon, people emigrating, people heading off to discover Europe, visit a family member, for work or simply heading home, if they’re happy when they disembark, I’ve done my job properly.

3. Cityhoppin’

No two days are the same in the world of aviation. Every now and then I do a daytime shift, starting and finishing in Amsterdam or city hopping across Europe for a few days. And public holidays are no exception. One year you get to celebrate Christmas with your family and then ring in the New Year with your colleagues at a club in Nice. The next year, you may be sitting down to Christmas dinner with your colleagues in Bologna.
My favourite flights are stops with a nice crew, where we set about doing something together. My favourite destination? Trondheim. But, as you can imagine, strolling around in amazing cities like Prague, Kraków, Florence, Toulouse or Bilbao is also fantastic.

4. What you give is what you get

Of course, there are standing procedures and regulations on board. My main task is taking care of passenger safety. And you do this together with your three colleagues. But there’s also enough leeway to add your own personal touch. And the great thing is: you get what you give. And that’s how you set the tone. I always see this as my personal challenge no matter how short the flight is. Nothing beats saying goodbye to happy, satisfied passengers.

5. Blue heart

As the name says, KLM Cityhopper is part of the KLM Group. It’s literally a mini-KLM. The group of colleagues is smaller and you carry more responsibility because you work as a small team. And you can earn promotion quickly. And if you want to broaden your horizons, you can progress to KLM after flying for KLM Cityhopper for five years. You then trade in the Embraer for the Airbus and the Boeing. I recently progressed to working for KLM myself. I’ve had to swap the fat stripe on my uniform as an inflight supervisor for the narrow, one-striper’s decoration. And all the memories? They live on. Because my six-year stint at KLM Cityhopper was amazing and I wouldn’t have traded it in for a pile of gold.

Excited after reading my blog? Check out this link: maybe you’ll be welcoming passengers aboard a KLM Cityhopper flight as a cabin attendant in the near future.

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E langley

Fractured my pelvis in Madrid was flown home by klm … wheelchair assisted they were amazing … friendly .. helpful … caring .. have used them many times


I am a qualified aeronautical engineer. I love KLM with all of my heart and it has always been my dream to work for you. I applied KLM Norwich they wanted to take me but i didn’t had work permit to work that time.

Now here i am, fully qualified but can’t access your company even at my home country. You are advertising here for youth to join but in real sence you have blocked all ways to reach you. It’s difficult to even have a platform and show case what i have to offer and be part of you team.

I think those head managers should know about this. I am young and qualified but even a chance to join your team at entry level am being denied. It’s really pathetic being asked for 7 years experience while am just from University. Where will i get that experience if am not allowed to start working with you?

Even you top managers you started somewhere low, somebody somewhere believed that you could do it and now there you are as a manager but unfortunate you’ve forgoten where you started and now denying a youth to start his dream career. KLM branches in UK wanted me but it’s pathetic they say they can’t take me cause am international! Very sad!


Good Job.I hopped from Aalesund to Amsterdam about two weeks ago,I loved the experience taking off on cross winds and above the winter skies smoothly.I loved your hospitality.God bless


I am now living in Japan but l was heavy user of your flight between Ams & Linkoping, my second home town.
I am happy to see the picture of snowing Linkoping. Thank you!


Can i know how to apply as a stewardess??

Daniyal Aizril bin Azhar

Im interest

Susana belz

Siempre viajo a Perú con KLM es la mejor empresa de viaje su atención a los niños es inigualable mis hijos viajan contentos gracias KLM

Geraldine Medina

All my life I’ve dreamed of being stewardess.

Mariuxi becerra

Quisiera perder trabajar para ustedes
Como hago para un aplicación
Me gusta su atención muy buena
Yo viajó ahí me encanta

Mariuxi becerra

Me gustaría trabajar para ustedes
Como hago para una aplicación

J. Alfred Prufrock

Hello, thank you for this inspiring post, which has motivated me to change my career! I am a 40-year male. How can I apply?

Siema Fatingan

How can i Apply……,

Suzie Thomas

Dear KLM, i will be honoured if my name listed to serve with KLM. A second ticket for me to explore the world.
Thank you KLM

Suzie Thomas

To serve in a teamwork and stay alert at all time

Clark van Kooy Burgard

My moeder was your age when she became “Miss KLM” in the early 1950s modelling in fur coats on KLM’s Super Constellations and traveling the world promoting the airline for gate rights throughout the U.S. She later became KLM’s first “Director of Women’s Affairs” and pioneered the movement for women in managerial positions at the airline.

Today, I continue to fly KLM to the NLs as I have for over 50 years since I was born (KLM celebrated it’s 90th year when I turned 45). My “KLM The World Over” bag has accompanied me each of those years and never missed a flight!

Met vriendelijke groet

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