The best of the Twin Cities

Trendy districts in Minneapolis and the atmospheric streets of Saint Paul – two cities side-by-side on the mighty Mississippi river that complement each other perfectly. We went out to research the Twin Cities for iFly KLM Magazine and returned home with a fantastic video report.

“Minneapolis has the clubs, Saint Paul has the pubs.” That sums up the essence of the Twin Cities perfectly. Together, Minneapolis and Saint Paul form the Twin Cities. Each has a completely different and unmistakable character. Minneapolis became a new KLM destination in March of this year, so it’s high time that we placed it in the limelight.



Industrial vibe

There’s no shortage of impressive architecture in Minneapolis. Starting late in the nineteenth century, the city was a hub in the flour industry and was known as the “Flour Milling Capital of the World.” It explains the city’s industrial personality. The Mill City Museum, located in the city’s oldest flour mill, shows off much of that history. Right next door, there is the modern Guthrie Theater, absolutely worth a visit.

Mill City Museum

Mill City Museum

The North Loop

The North Loop – easily the hippest part of Minneapolis. The streets are characterised by tough-looking warehouses and street art. In this district, north of Downtown, you’ll find unusual boutiques, fun home furnishing stores, and hip restaurants and coffee houses. It’s a great place to devote an afternoon of shopping. And a special tip from the iFly team: The burgers at Red Cow are just great.




Victorian times

You won’t believe your eyes when you see historic Summit Avenue. There, you can admire one mansion after another on Cathedral Hill. The avenue is nearly eight kilometres in length. Some of the houses are grandiose and some come right out of a fairy tale. A guided tour will offer you more information about the stories behind these homes. Though of course you can just enjoy the walk and take pictures for your Instagram account.

St Paul

Eating retro style

Mickey’s Dining Car is a proper institution in Saint Paul. This retro restaurant, designed to resemble a railroad dining car, has been open twenty-four hours a day since 1939. What’s on the menu? The classic menu – hamburgers, American pancakes, milkshakes, and more. Nothing special, really, but you come here first and foremost for the fifties’ ambience and the classic American décor. You’ll find a jukebox there ready to play Elvis and make the picture complete.

St Paul

Curious to see the complete video?

You can watch it in the July edition of iFly KLM Magazine.

Photography: Iris van den Broek

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Max-Henrik Krause

Interesting! I am actually planning a trip to Minneapolis next year, so this came just in time. KLM……. taking us further



Joseph B. Cassidy, III

The Twin Cities have been my home for a while now, and there is indeed something for everyone. With it’s many parks, and two zoos, and of course, the Mall of America. Winter can be challenge, if you’re not a Winter person, but there are places where you can forget about Winter for a while, and of course, getting around both downtowns is a breeze, as well. The Skyway System in Minneapolis alone is over five miles long, And if you’re lucky, you can even live in an apartment that is connected right on the Skyway – no jacket required!
There are so many events to choose from, that it’s impossible to attend them all, from the Winter Carnival in Saint Paul, in late January, to the Aquatenial in Minneapolis, around mid July. Of course, there is always something going on, no matter when you arrive. But please dress for the weather, especially the Winter. But you will have an enjoyable time, whenever you choose to arrive

Paul Curry

Good work on the Photo’s, do you need an assistant? by any chance.

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