Weird Places: The Jumbo Jet Hotel

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Flying isn’t the most awful way to travel. In fact, some people can’t get enough of it. Are you one of those for whom the flight is actually the highlight of your trip? Then, shouldn’t you make the plane the place where you sleep?


Ready, set, sleep

In 2014 we magically transformed our MD-11 into an ‘Airbnb sleepover’ for a while. In Sweden, that appears to be the most obvious thing to do. Arlanda Airport in Stockholm has its own “JumboStay”.

When Swedish carrier Transjet went bankrupt in 2002, one of its old Boeing 747-212Bs was left on the ground—sad and lonely, just waiting to rust away. That was reason enough for Oscar Doïs to jump into action.


Very unique

In 2006, Doïs was in the process of expanding his chain of hostels. In fact, he had already trained his sights on the airport. So, when he heard that an aircraft was just standing there doing nothing, he seized the moment and transformed it into a unique hotel which he called Liv—after his daughter.


He started in 2008. He had all of the existing furnishings taken out. The 450 seats had to make way for accommodations for 74 people, a conference room on the upper deck, and a bridal suite in the cockpit.

The Jumbo Jet is now a well-known spot at Arlanda Airport and a must for aircraft lovers. And the real highlight is that you can look out over the runway from your hotel room!

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Patrick v.d. Heuvel

stayed there last year, highly recommended !

Ben Kortman

Nice Patrick! Did you sleep in the cockpit?

Elizabeth Phillips

Ask a silly question, “Is that actually a Cock Pit of a JET turned into a Bedroom”? Ha Ha


Great Blog….Love it!!!!

Ben Kortman

Thanks Rick! Glad you like the blog!

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