World’s First Perfect Draught Beer Aboard a Plane 

A nice, cold, fresh beer, drawn straight from the tap – for some there’s no better way to quench one’s thirst. Usually, you’d sit down at a sidewalk café or nip inside to get the golden nectar, but if the desire for draught catches you unawares, aboard a plane, you’re out of luck. But that’s set to change, because KLM recently served its first draught beer in World Business Class! Not on all flights, unfortunately, because we currently have only one KLM beer trolley at our disposal. 

Heineken beer tap

Why, you may well ask, and the answer is that an airborne draught trolley is quite a challenge to design and construct. Most draught systems use CO2 to provide the pressure needed to get the beer flowing. This CO2 is usually pumped into the beer keg from a canister. But flight safety regulations dictate that it’s too dangerous to bring CO2 on board an aircraft. So we had to come up with an alternative solution.

Together with Heineken, we developed something completely new. The BrewLock keg is different in that it makes use of air pressure, rather than CO2. The BrewLock technology uses air pressure to bring the keg pressure to the desired level, compensating for the negative pressure on board and generating sufficient tap pressure for serving.

Heineken trolly

That may sound like a lot of pressure, but the beer is superb! By cooling the keg before the flight and placing it inside a well-insulated container, we can guarantee perfectly chilled beer throughout the flight.

Heineken beer up in the air

Standard service?

Not in the near future, unfortunately. The components for our first draught trolley were made using a 3D printer, which is very costly and time-consuming. That means the draught trolley will only be available in World Business Class on special KLM flights.

For those wondering about the taste, our airborne draught contains the exact same ingredients as those used to make the Heineken you enjoy in bars all over the world. So the unique blend and taste are exactly the same.

Passenger with heineken beer

Watch the video

We all have that one friend who’s seen it all, trotted the globe, jetted the set. Nothing can surprise him, except perhaps a fresh draught beer in unexpected surroundings. See for yourself… ;-)




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Leshem Natan

I don’t think alcohol such as beer to be sold on plane is safe.
If beer is sold in a pub and a man is getting drunk – the
security men can take him out of the pub. The plane is close
and the drunk man is getting wild on the flight from Amsterdam
to Rio (a long flight….) and the rest of the passengers are getting
afraid and KLM is getting a bad reputation for beer ?


Airlines have been serving canned beer for decades Leshem


A pity that this is just for Business Class passengers…

If it’s that costly, it should be offered to all passengers but for a fee for the Economy passengers.


Yes, I think that is a great idea: for a fee, explained in a brochure or oral by the purser, people may come to the mid-galley and take a fresh beer to their seats after announcement by purser. Charging a fee will also refrain people to drink too many glasses.
Maybe fill out a questionaire first, to see how many people like this idea.


I agree Kristen. I always travel Economy and would gladly pay for one.

Rockson Ankomah

This is very impressive

Frans Angenent

Also on the flights to Bangkok?


wow, that must be a lot of technique and right pressure. nice idea of KLM.

Joseph B. Cassidy, III

I’m not a beer drinker, but I do enjoy an advertisement that is in good ‘taste’, and I have to say, this one was pretty decent. However, in all seriousness, I think that in making this decision, it could create issues. Not the least of which, creates a new chapter in the debate of alcohol and the human body in flight.
But I would like to make one quick suggestion: Get a patent on this idea. It’s very likely that other airlines may want to home in on your parade. Getting a patent would seal this offer, and this idea could be a ‘cash cow’ for the airline (hint-hint).


People have been drinking and flying since the beginning of commercial aviation. The only difference is that it’s on tap.

Brilliant idea KLM!


Good new for all passengers that like to drink draft beer but if you can offer such a extravagance why did you cancel such a simple aperitive like Campari Orange of your list? And I’m not the only one who is missing it!!!!


Nice technological feat. Normally I’d complain about the “world business class only” approach that is so typical these days. However in this case.. it’s only Heineken… 3rd worst lager in Europe.



Mark Percival

Well done KLM and Heineken! Great Dutch innovation. Like other commentators, I’d also like to see it available in economy, even for a fee.

David Smith

Why tell us about it, when it’s hardly ever available? I have never seen it on any of my flights!

Richard Merz

A stroke of genius!

Thank you,Nether


A pity it is Heineken beer… There are so many better brands available, even in the Netherlands!

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