Citizens of the Airport #31 – We Are Like Sisters

I like to think of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol as a village, inhabited by millions of people for not more then a few hours per day max. But who are the people that pass through? What makes them tick? I’m on a quest to meet the Citizens of the Airport!

The government has become more liberal. You can say things about politics without being afraid of any consequences. Yes Facebook is still not available in China, but there are work-arounds to get a Facebook account anyway. Also in China. We have one as well.

I can choose my own sister

We have no siblings, due to the one-child policy in China. We don’t like it, but fortunately it is not so strict anymore. For example: a couple both from a ‘one child’ family, can have two children now.

The result is that my best friend is like a sister to me. A sister I can choose myself.


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Message *come to uganda and we bear kids because we have no child policy.

Lolita M. Balboa

I am fortunate enough because I have five sisters and five brothers – and we’re always very happy. Though we have misunderstanding sometimes but it does not stay long – we’re still the best of friends. Many thanks to God and my parents.



Nathan Bui


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