Never Forget Anything With KLM’s Packing Assistant

BB: Hi there! My name is BB. I’m KLM’s service bot and I can help you pack your bag. First things first. Where are you going?

Me: I am going to Bali!

BB: When are you leaving?

Me: Tomorrow!

BB: And for how long are you staying in Bali?

Me: 10 days!

BB: Alright, 10 days to Bali. Sounds great! Shall we start packing?


So you’re on your way to Bali and you don’t want to forget anything. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a personal assistant who could help you pack your suitcase? Someone who knows exactly what you need for each destination, offering packing advice to suit your specific needs. Your waiting days are over! Meet the KLM Packing Assistant, powered by Google Home.

Packing your suitcase

Some people start packing an hour before they leave, others begin a month in advance, with military precision. Whatever your approach may be, it’s always annoying if you forget something. Part of the problem is that the contents of your suitcase will differ depending on who you are, where you’re headed, and how long you’ll be staying.

There are plenty of packing lists on the internet – for skiing holidays, city trips or indeed a holiday on Bali – but they aren’t really personalised and often include a lot of stuff you won’t need. I don’t wear nappies, a bikini or make-up. On top of that, packing lists often forget to take one very important factor into account: the weather.

BB: I’ve just checked the local weather in Bali and there’s a chance of rain. Make sure to pack a rain coat.

Me: Got it!

BB: There will also be plenty of sunshine in Bali so I’d bring my sunglasses if I were you.

Me: Check!

BB: Sunglasses are in the bag. Just don’t wear them at night. You’re not that guy from that song.


Smart packing list

BB not only knows what the weather will be like and how many pairs of underpants you’ll need to take along, she also gives you specific information about the visas and vaccinations you might need, and she reminds you to take along your global adaptor, which is very handy if you want to charge your phone after your flight. On top of that, BB also offers advice on local customs and etiquette.

BB: If you’re planning on visiting any religious sites in Bali, make sure to bring appropriate clothing that covers arms, legs and long hair.

Me: Check!

BB: Nice one. You can never be too respectful.


Hands-free packing list

So, what do you need most when packing your suitcase? Your hands! One of the major advantages of the KLM Packing Assistant is that it is voice-driven. Forget paper, pens and any other old-fashioned packing aids, all you need is your voice and your hands.

The packing list is split up into various categories, so that you don’t have to keep running to all corners of the house. The categories include: travel basics, clothing, toiletries and hand baggage, which ensure that you can gather everything quickly. But what if you’re advised to take along sunscreen, only to discover that there’s none in the house? No problem. BB simply adds it to your reminder list, so that you know what you still need to buy before you head off on holiday. You can read the reminder list on your smartphone any time you want.

BB:  Make sure to get a toiletry bag ready. If you’re taking any liquids in your carry-on luggage, just remember the individual containers cannot exceed 100 ml and they must be placed in a transparent and sealable plastic bag with a volume of no more than 1 l. You can never be too careful with the sun. Make sure you pack sunscreen.

: Don’t need it

BB: Okay, but don’t come crying when you get sunburnt. Also pack aftersun.


Test the Packing Assistant yourself!

If you’re heading off on a trip and want to make sure you don’t forget anything, why not let BB help you pack your suitcase? All you need is Google Home or a smartphone with Google Assistant. You activate BB by saying: “Hey Google, let me talk to KLM.”  After that the stress-free packing can begin.

For more information about BB, click here.