Taking the Blue KLM Bus to Schiphol

Imagine the following: You want to get to Schiphol using public transport. The only problem is, the bus connections from Amsterdam don’t go any further than Sloten, a tiny village just outside Amsterdam (now, long since swallowed up by the city). So, you’ll have to walk the rest of the way. Early in the 1920s, that was the reality. Of course, now you just take the blue KLM bus.

Ground transport

For that reason, the management at the young company of KLM decided to add ground transport for its passengers to its list of core activities. The first “bus” (if you will) was a Packard that offered space to four passengers and picked up anyone who lived near Schiphol. Anyone living farther away could expect to be picked up at Amsterdam’s Leidseplein. Air service continued to grow and, by 1925, KLM owned three omnibuses. By 1938 the company was providing regular scheduled service between Schiphol, The Hague and Rotterdam. KLM owned and operated all of its bus transport to Schiphol.

Blue Bus

Turning a profit

After the Second World War, things started to change and we set up the KLM Autobus Company. In May 1947, KLM and the Dutch Railway each owned an equal share in the company. By the time the company celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary, in 1972, it had covered five million kilometres. Passengers could expect to be picked up at Amsterdam’s Museum Square and Central Station, The Hague’s Staatsspoor (now Central Station), and Rotterdam Central Station. The company also served Utrecht, Dordrecht, Den Bosch, Eindhoven, Breda and Tilburg, though with lower frequency. A survey in 1972 showed that 35% of the passengers chose to use the KLM Bus to get to Schiphol. KLM’s bus company was working well and was turning a profit.

Blue Bus

Irregular service

However, things changed as the rail network around Schiphol developed. To begin with, the construction of the Schiphol Line made the airport easily accessible from The Hague and points beyond. In 1986, the connection grew to include Amsterdam Central Station from the city’s west side. This resulted in the discontinuation of bus service between Schiphol, Utrecht Central Station and Amsterdam Central Station. By that time, the KLM Bus Company had changed course by offering “irregular service,” for instance, in the form of guided tours. But the bus company would have to trim down. Some of the bus drivers were transferred to the Central Netherlands Bus Company. Others remained at KLM and left the company through the course of natural attrition.

Blue Bus

The Blue Bus

Ultimately, in 1987, the KLM Bus Company was integrated into the Internal Transport Department to form KLM Road Transport. Its activities included shuttle service to a number of Amsterdam’s larger hotels. The distinctive blue buses have since disappeared from the streets. For a long time, however, the Blue Bus was a familiar and comforting start or finish to many a passenger’s travels.

Image Copyright: KLM/MAI

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Sasja van Rijsewijk

I love these stories about the history of Klm! It’s wonderfull to see how things went in the past, compared to now. Keep up the good work!

Frido Ogier

Thanks Sasja!

john Ockeloen

I was a busdriver for many ears on this Setra bus with KLM gasts tru whole the netherlands untill the KLM buscompany stoped with this transport

Frido Ogier

Leuk John dat je reageert. Hopelijk kon je mijn blog waarderen.

Hartelijke groet,


Henk Buesink

I remember taking the bus from Rotterdam as a small boy for a day at Schiphol. Very good memories!

Frido Ogier

Goed om te horen, Henk. Kan me ze ook wel uit mijn jonge jaren herinneren. De jaren zeventig.

Groeten, Frido Ogier

Jan Hemink

This is again a real nice story Frido about the blue busses of KLM. I have been in the KLM-bus, a few times on a ride from the Museumplein to Schiphol on an IPB-ticket. They looked so impressive, like the aeroplanes, I had to made a trip. If I remember well my mum and dad (as a pensioner) made several yearly daytrips with all KLM-pensioners in a row of blue busses in the late seventeeth. Great view! Tks for your story again. Keep it going, those historical KLM-blogs.

Frido Ogier

Thanks Jan! You replied again with a nice story. Personal experiences of the readers are nice to read!

Best regards, Frido


i recall my mother giving me money to take klm bus from den haag to Schiphol>oost for a day of airplane spotting
1959 ??
today I ams till a spotter and commercial aviation hobbist
in the usa for past 52 years
still love the true blue

Frido Ogier

Thanks Erik for your compliment and your nice memory!

Kind regards, Frido

Arsenio Zomil

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Lodewijk Hof

Als ik mij niet vergis is er nog steeds een busdienst vanaf Eindhoven. Moet eens uitzoeken of die goedkoper is dan de trein.

Mooie historie, spijtig dat die dienst er niet meer is. Nooit meegemaakt, ben nota bene geboren in 1986 (paar weken voor het ongeluk bij Chernobyl).

Lolita M. Balboa

Very nice memories to ponder. With the different stories I’ve read, believe that the management of KLM is so caring and knows how to value other people. Keep up the good work. KUDOS KLM!


I liked your story on the KLM Bus destinations. My father, one of its drivers, had a great time as long as it lasted. One of the nice things was that our home was (and still is) on the route to the Central Station (AMS) And that we had a busstop in front of the house, you can imagine that from time to time it was well used by my father and some of his colleagues.
So I have very good memories on this service.

Frido Ogier

Hallo Carla,

Leuk dat je reageert. Laat ik jouw bericht in het Nederlands beantwoorden, dat schrijft wat makkelijker. Leuk verhaal, die ‘privehalte’ voor de deur. Ik kan me voorstellen dat dat af en toe erg handig was. Ik zag als kind de blauwe bussen regelmatig op de A44 rijden, want daar woonden we langs, en dat was laatst voor mij de inspiratiebron voor dit stukje. Zo hebben we allemaal onze herinneringen :-)

Hartelijke groet,

penelope burreci

Sad the Blue Bus no longer runs. I feel, once you board the airline’s coach or bus, its then a very
smooth transition to one’s destination. It also gives one a sense of excitement and anticipation
regarding the forthcoming flight. Keep up the good work KLM. Bring back the BUS!!!!


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