8 Tips for Stress Free Flying

It’s Summer! Time for tan lines, beach hair and relaxing by the pool. But first.. the flight. Flying can be pretty stressful. That’s why we came up with some tips to make it a little easier. Are you ready?

1. Online Check-in

Most of you probably already know this. But I couldn’t not mention this. For most flights, you can check in at KLM.com from 30 hours to 1 hour before departure. This saves time at the gate and I personally find it very comforting to already have my boarding pass at hand when I leave for the airport. Like nothing can go wrong anymore. Like I’m in charge. Powerful even. You deserve to experience this feeling, too. (Because you’re worth it, hehe)

2. Be the early bird

A bit of a no-brainer again, but people still miss flights or have to run to the gate, so I had to mention this. Airports are often bigger than expected and walking to the gate can easily take up to 15 minutes, make note of that! Of course, unforeseen circumstances can always occur. But you should calculate some extra time in for say traffic jams or public transport delays. Just make sure you have a couple of hours to spare. There are shops in airports for a reason, you know?

Stress free flying suitcase

3. Pack light

This one’s probably most relevant for the ladies. I myself am guilty of the ‘over-packing’ crime as well. I like choices. I like clothes. But every time I reach my destination I think to myself: “Did you really, like.. really REALLY need 5 pairs of shoes when all you will do for two weeks is be lazy by the pool?”. No I did not. And it certainly wasn’t worth hauling all 5 pairs of shoes, and pants, and skirts, and dresses, and bikini’s (and the rest of my apartment interior) around the airport. Just to find out I will spend two weeks in the same bikini wearing flip-flops. So let’s get real girls (and guys). Pack half of what you usually would this year and you’ll feel enlightened ;).

4. Organize it

Nothing is more stressful than not being able to find stuff (like, say.. your passport) in your hand luggage. To cancel out moments of panic and mini heart-attacks I always take a plastic folder with me. It’s not fancy, nor is it ‘on-trend’, but it does the trick. I put in my passport, boarding pass, any other information I might need regarding my destination and accommodation and put it in my handbag. My friends make fun of me and call me ‘the girl with the folder’. But when we’re waiting in line to go through security and I see them turn their bags inside out with terror on their faces, I smile and hand the guard my passport. I win ;).

Stress free flying transfer

5. Transportation from and to the airport

This can be a pain. Especially when landing in the middle of the night or really early in the morning. For arriving or departing on these unearthly hours it is advised to go by car and reserve a parking spot at the airport. Of course you can’t do that at your destination (unless you want to rent a car) but do make sure you check whether or not there will be public transport going to your accommodation. Because having to call a taxi in the middle of the night to take you to your hotel (or home), can put quite a financial strain on your otherwise awesome trip.

6. Bring snacks

To not go hungry when you’re not flying intercontinental, bring something to munch on! (And even if you are, the boarding process usually takes longer than you think, and the meals won’t be served right away either, so prepare!) Flying hungry is very uncomfortable. So go crazy at the airport and make your travel companions happy with some crisps, chocolates or if you’re into healthy stuff (who are you?!) fruit. And if you’re lucky, you’ll even suffer from an ‘after-dinner-dip’ (in this case: ‘after-snack-dip’) and you’ll sleep the whole flight. Bonus!

Stress Free Flying phone

7. Charge your phone

In case of emergency it’s always nice to have a fully charged phone to help you fix things. From delayed flights to changes in your schedule to helping out your hungry travel companion because you forgot about #4 in this blog (dial 1-800-pizza). But seriously, make sure you have a full battery or bring a wireless charger, you’ll feel more at ease!

8. Comfortable attire

To experience the highest level of comfort and the lowest level of stress, one must wear comfortable clothes (and shoes). Ladies, kick off those stiletto’s. Gents, maybe leave your skinny jeans at home for this one. I’m not a fan of the “Oh-look-I’m-travelling-sweatpants-ensemble” but to still feel comfortable but not look like a hobo I usually opt for a pair of leggings. Sweatshirts are a must, though. You can take them off if you’re traveling somewhere warm or put on another (or three) if you’re travelling to let’s say.. Antarctica.

Got any tips to share yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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Anita van Polanen

Biggest stress factor is waiting. Specially near the gate and just a few seats for a bigger number of passengers.


This info is the cat’s paajmas!


And very important: stick to the maximum allowed dimensions of your handluggage to avoid the #1 irritation of your fellow-travellers….

Esmee Droog

It is indeed very frustrating when luggage doesn’t fit in the storage compartments, Casey! Good tip!


That’s a smart answer to a diifucflt question.

Frank Jolley

Another tip. Don’t check any baggage – KLM will lose it. Stress-free flying? Find another airline.


I definitely agree with 7 out of the 8 tips. But I disagree that sleeping during the flight is a bonus, especially when having a window seat. The views outside are way too beautiful to fall asleep. You have to enjoy those moments ;-)

Awesome blog anyway!

Esmee Droog

I can see why Flixx! Even though sleeping is very relaxing, looking out the window seeing great views can be, too! Thank you for reading!

Sairatun Nahar

Hi how are you hope all is well there. Please possible send one free tickets,

Best Regards


Esmee Droog

Thanks for your comment Sairatun! Hope all is well with you, too.


How about KLM provides some comfortable seats for over 6 footers without being penalized for being tall…Now THAT would be stressfree flying.

jagath Rupasiri

It will be a stressed free flight if the passengers follow the above valuable tips.

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