A Splendid Travel Itinerary

Planning is crucial when preparing for any journey – as most people will agree. I learned this the hard way by flying to America without booking a hotel. My travelling companion and I engaged in some wishful thinking: “It’s a big place, there should be enough beds. We’ll be fine.” On arrival, we discovered that there was some sort of super-sized conference underway, which left us in a flat spin from the very first night.

Since then, I’ve planned my trips meticulously. First things first: the orientation phase. More commonly known as: where do I want to go? There are plenty of options in my line of work. And to make things even easier – or more complicated, depending on how you look at it – KLM added eight new destinations to its network this year. Naturally, I caught myself wondering what my itinerary would look like if I were to visit all eight in the shortest possible space of time.

A full-ish itinerary

  • Off to Malag­a today – visit the beach and Picasso Museum.
  • Cagliari tomorrow – visit Santa Maria and take photos of the world famous city wall.
  • Catania the day after that – I’ve wanted to visit Sicily for ages.
  • First up next week is Split – where I’ll take a sailing tour of the UNESCO World Heritage Site (google it).
  • Then it’s off to Gdansk – enjoying the views from the banks of the River Motlawa.
  • Next month, I’ll visit Porto – including a lazy boat tour on the Douro.
  • In between, I’ll take a trip to London City – preferably on a Monday, because I want to get cheap theatre tickets on Leicester Square.
  • Or maybe Graz – because Altstad is so very romantic, I’ve heard.

It’s strange to think KLM cabin attendants really do have this kind of itinerary. Taking in Split and Malaga in a single week. They really are globetrotters, which makes it all the more fun to see them in the video clips below, introducing our latest destinations.

Personally, I’ll just be opting for one destination this summer: Split. Or maybe Malaga. Perhaps I’ll see one of the KLM film stars on the way. But let me start by planning my planning. First things first…

For English subtitles, press the ‘subtitle icon’ in the Youtube video.


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Carlotta Meomartini

I would ho to Split, yes definitely! New destination so must be promoted as much as possible starting by adding myself as a Pax. It’s not far, hopefully the flight is at a good price and…the weather is beautiful there!
Good luck with your new destination!

Kim Lammertse

Thank you Carlotta, we once drove from Amsterdam to Croatia, never made it to Split though. We had a lovely holiday, and we definitely keep Split on our wish list!

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