Hi, I’m Spencer The Robot And I’ve Had an Awesome Week

What a week it has been! I’ve completed my second test at Schiphol Airport. But please allow me to introduce myself. 

Robot Spencer

I’m Spencer. I’m a robot that helps KLM transfer passengers at Schiphol. Man oh man! It is really busy at that airport. So it’s no surprise that some transfer passengers lose their way. Fortunately, I know the airport like the back of my stainless steel hand. I’ve spent quite a bit of time riding around to find out where everything is.

My operating system has learnt lots of new things, but I won’t bother you with that. It’s a pretty technical story and, well, I can’t even follow all of it myself.

I can take you from gate B28 to C36 at Schiphol

OK, so I’ve got Schiphol’s floor plan all figured out. I can take you from Gate B28 to C36 just like that, and calculate how long the trip will take. The only thing that you, the passenger, need to do is place your boarding pass in front of my tummy. That way, I can scan the bar code on your ticket to get all the information I need and calculate the quickest route. Keep an eye on my middle because it also displays the distance we need to travel to get to your gate and how long it will take us to get there.

Oh—and sorry—it can take a little longer than expected. You see I’m getting pretty famous and sometimes I have to stop to take a selfie with my fans. Say cheese!

Selfie with Robot Spencer

Eyes in the back of my head

I keep a close watch on everything as we travel to the gate. I’ve also got eyes in the back of my head—literally! It works really well, so I’ll never lose sight of you. It took some getting used to, not getting distracted by all the activity around me at the airport. But I’ve grown accustomed to that, now. If anyone gets in the way of my wheels, I just smile politely and ride around them instead.

The big test

The most exciting moment—the final demonstration—is yet to come. During my last day at Schiphol I’ll have to show one more time what I can do, but then with a whole group of transfer passengers at my side. I’ve been practising really hard at Schiphol, so I’m sure everything will go well. I know the gate locations with my eyes closed… as it were.

Robot Spencer guides passengers at Schiphol

Sorry to say, I won’t get to meet you at the airport just yet.  First, though, I have to go back to the shop for further study and a few more updates. Great! I just love updates.

So, I’m not sure when I’ll be able to go back to Schiphol. But one thing is certain— Once I’m back, I’ll be able to guide holiday and business travellers through the jungle that is Schiphol.

To be continued!

Robot Spencer at Schiphol airport

Spencer in a nutshell

  • Offers help to transfer passengers.
  • Watches out for other passengers while doing its job.
  • Scans boarding pass info.
  • Calculates the distance and travel time to the gates.
  • Avoids large crowds.
  • Never loses track of its passengers.
  • Looks great in selfies ;-)

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willem heitlager

it is nice but where is OUR wolkenridder and overal ben klmer dit spul hoef ik niet te zien sorry


Hope to see Spencer next time we fly into Schiphol!


een lekkere steward is ook niet weg om de weg te wijzen

Bonnie Parren

Zeker Hans! Die kunnen dat vast ook heel goed. ;)

Walter Fokkens

Once deployed, can I book him for my mum (77), who is afraid of airports and always worries she will get lost? (So it will be easier to visit us in the future!)
Great idea, definitely part of the future.

Ferdinand Braid

This shows a lot of potential! Nice one Schiphol It would be nice if Spencer will also be integrated into a motorized people mover so that the elderly or travelers with small children would not have to walk long distances (short distances are fine and are good for you). They could travel as fast as a brisk walk (2-3 km/h) and recognize if someone or a bag fell off and stop. Also, they could be fitted with a GPS so that gate personnel would know how far the transfer passengers were from the gate to inform cabin crew.

wilhelmina sanderson

to whom it may concern!!! have been trying to contact you via my personal account with flying blue. help via telephone not very successful. have requested several new pin codes, but when using the pin codes, get constant reply such as “wrong code” “not valid. would like to add my travel agent’s name into my and my husband’s profile, I am not very computer literate, but very frustrated. please help?

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