A Flight Attendant’s Experience Working on the Boeing 787

As the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a new aircraft in KLM’s fleet, the company has established “ambassadors” to show cabin crew members the ropes. I’m a steward in World Business Class, and an ambassador. I made 10 sequential flights and I became a fan. Let me tell you why.

Boeing 787


It’s always exciting to fly on a new aircraft and I didn’t hesitate for a moment when I had the chance to put in my name as an ambassador. It meant taking extra training and flying more in the first few months so I could help out my co-crew members.

I was also curious to see if the increased cabin air pressure, the improved humidity, and the quieter engines would make the flight experience more pleasant.

Flight #1 — Looking for all the right things

There’s a first time for everything. The same is true for me on the Boeing 787. The first thing my colleagues and I do after boarding is to try out the business class seats.

Flight attendant Diederik in dreamliner


We’re all having a grand time until one of the catering crew comes out of the galley and says, “You can have your fun, but I’m going crazy looking for all the positions!” She’s referring to the location of the trolleys and containers.

We know what she means. We also start searching wildly through trolleys and containers for the things we’ll need for the service round. With the printed manual in hand, I try to get the steam ovens and espresso machine to work.

Flight #2 — A full-fledged barista

I’ve got a new team of crew members, all of whom are new to the 787. During this—my second flight—I’m now the “old timer” in World Business Class and am churning out the espressos like a full-fledged barista. The steam ovens hold no more secrets for me and I direct my co-workers flawlessly to the right trolley or container whenever they need something.

Flight #3 — Trying out the sleeping cabin

During my third consecutive flight on the Dreamliner, I start to notice the effects of the improved air pressure and humidity in the cabin. My nose isn’t so dry and my belly isn’t so distended after the flight.

During the flight, I get to try out some of the nicer extras that this aircraft has to offer, the Overhead Crew Rest (OCR) area, for instance, the space where the crew can have a rest during longer flights. In most cases that’s an hour or two.

Tweet 29484

Yet another flight — Special lighting

After a number of flights, you get to know all of an aircraft’s ins and outs. The aircraft offers an extensive programme to light the cabin. I’ve tried out all the settings and have now come to the conclusion that the warm, dimmed setting, called Eclipse, is my favourite.

Verlichting dreamliner


There is one thing I really do have to get used to. The aircraft is so quiet that the crew in the galley have to be very careful not to make any noise so that we don’t disturb the passengers.

Because I—in my position as an ambassador—take the same flight to the same destination, I start to recognise some of the passengers. And they recognise me. My rookie colleague receives a couple in a cheery voice by saying, “Welcome aboard our beautiful, new Dreamliner.” To which the woman responds, “Thanks. I was on this plane a week ago.” She then turns to me and says: “But I remember you from that flight.”

Flight #10

During my tenth and final flight as a 787 ambassador, the captain and senior purser call attention to a passenger on the tenth anniversary of his Flying Blue Platinum status. He receives Platinum status for life, a KLM Delft Blue house, a glass of champagne, a certificate, and a coupon. It’s a special moment.

senior purser Marianne Rooth-Pieters en captain Mark van Veen

Senior purser Marianne Rooth-Pieters and captain Mark van Veen.

In conclusion, I can say after 10 flights that the climate control in the cabin and the quieter engines have a significant effect on the travel experience. I arrive at the destination more refreshed, even though I’ve had to answer a ton of questions. ;)

I’ve really enjoyed revealing the Boeing 787’s secrets to my colleagues. I can say, without reservation, mission accomplished!


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paola from milan italy

when you write these posts cabin crew member I am always fascinated, because it would uncork my dream to do this work, but in reality, but in reality it is impossible …. and I read them and daydream through this blog I can read these espserinze the cabin crew …. thanks ifly


And for the rest (90%) of us…..what is the coach cabin like…more room would be nice?

Brian Minnett

It looks like passengers are going to enjoy every moment of their flight.


I’m very surprised and pleased to see such rational comments with regards to marijuana. What an absolute waste of tax dollars it is to caninbas-users. It’s pathetic that most of the country is stuck in the age of “Reefer Madness”


More room? No. KLM jammed in 9 abroad instead of the 8 it was designed for and is used by JAL for example.


There are other travellers as well you know, not only your platinum customers. They’re important as well and they have more choices. Would be nice if you didn’t forget about them.


But not quite as important.

Willo sims

This guy is very handsome and appeares incredibly compitent !

Keith Middleton

Really looking forward to traveling with you Bangkok-Birmingham on 27th April 2016.

Mark mason

Having flown on the 787 on my last 3 trips over January and February I was a little surprised that it was the same movies and not the usual change for each month .

Sion L Hughes

I hate that window blind arrangement. Like travelling in a coffin

Harry Schouten

What route is the Dreamliner assigned to. Does it fly btw LAX and AMS yet?


The schedule always depends on the availability of the fleet and is subject to change, Harry. If you book a flight on KLM.com you can see which aircraft operates the selected flight. However, please note that we can never guarantee this due to operational circumstances.

William New York - Amsterdam and Back

Great article thanks for sharing your thought here are mine. A big shame on KLM’s part that it hasn’t scheduled the B787-900 into JFK (KL643) and will not schedule this aircraft for years to come into this major destination on your network. One that fills your C-cabin your flying with old equipment although don’t get me wrong love the B747-400 and your C class Cabin is a huge improvement over the old and tiresome cabins we used to see on this route. It starts to limit choice as you started to deploy your B-777-200 on this route bad choice 6 across in C does not cut it even after your upgrade sorry but will avoid your B-777 like a bad plague you missed out once again are you guys that ignorant. Example love the news cabins on Alitalia there B-777 or A330 huge improvement over KLM you need to match this in C 4 across why can’t KLM have this layout.


OMG, are they still handing out those Delft Blue houses? How many more does KLM think frequent flyers would like to add to their collection? Have they ever heard of variety is the spice of life?

benjamin lerner

the houses are still a huge attraction. Every year at the same date a new house will be adsded rto the colllection. They’re all existing houses, most of them in Amsterdam/.


I have recently flown B787 J twice, I still prefer the B747-800 upper deck…
My last KLM experience was a multiple use 747-200, from ORD, which had a side door freight entry on the main level…

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