How to become a Flight Attendant – Step 1: Getting selected

When the job for ‘Flight Attendant in Peak Season’ opened up and your favourite blogging stewardess DareSheGoes shared the vacancy on her Facebook, I literally leaped at the opportunity. Within minutes I had sent my (already prepared) application and was waiting anxiously for a reply. Read my story on how to become a flight attendant. 

Having made an attempt at applying for this job while I was interning at the social media office last year, I wanted it even more. It’s been a year since I was officially part of the KLM-family and I miss it! They weren’t hiring flight attendants back then, but now they were. You can understand how thrilled I was (and still am). I had to take this chance. I had to make it happen. And so I did.

The recruitment process for flight attendant

The recruitment process consisted of six steps. The first is sending in your application. The recruitment bureau ‘Randstad’ will receive and read it, seeing if it’s a match for the qualities a flight attendant must possess. After that you’ll take a variety of tests, examining your basic knowledge and English language skills. These were tough! But I got back positive scores on all of them which meant: on to the third leg of the process!

How to prepare?

The third step was a meet & greet conversation with two recruiters. I had no idea what to expect, because the confirmation e-mail (with the ‘how-to-prepare’ information) never showed up in my inbox. So, I put my best suit on (a blouse with KLM-blue flowers and a pencil skirt) and decided to ‘just do it’.


A nose piercing: no-go for flight attendants.

Visible piercings and tattoos are not allowed when you’re a part of the cabin crew. I’ve had my nose pierced for a few years now and I never had to take it out for previous jobs. But for this, oh yes. So I decided to take my nose ring out when I got to Schiphol. Big. Mistake. It wouldn’t move!! It was stuck in my nose without any intention of leaving my face. I felt doomed.

Thinking to myself “I should have done this at home”, I decided to run into the nearest jeweller and ask for some pliers or scissors to take the thing out. I ran, explained my ‘situation’ to the (very, very lovely) lady behind the counter. After a few tries, she managed to break me free from my ball and chain (literally). By then I was sweating and running to catch my bus. But… I made it! And on time, too!

How I got rid of my fear of flying

When I arrived I could feel the tension in the air. We were sent into separate rooms in groups of four. When it was my turn to talk I told the recruiters about my previous experiences with KLM and how I felt during the flight to Canada. How KLM helped me overcome my fear of flying.  Ever since I wanted nothing more than to be part of the team in blue again, this time as a flight attendant. We finished with a conversation in English in which we had to discuss how to deal with cultural differences on board a plane. Very hard, but very interesting!

A day later I got a phone call in which I was informed I did a good job! I was invited to partake in the group-assignment a week later! I celebrated with a sushi dinner that day, obviously ;).


A famous part of the flight attendant selection procedure: The Group Assignment

The most nerve wrecking but also most exciting part of the process was definitely the group-assignment. In groups of six we had to play a game called ‘Destination Unknown’.  Through communication in specific ways (hand gestures!) we had to trade word cards to get the right combination. That led us to a coordinate of a destination. I guess we were supposed to land in Sao Paolo. Instead, we landed in the ocean right next to the coast of Brazil. Close enough, eh? ;)

During the game, I forgot I was being ‘assessed’ by recruiters. It was so much fun to do! I managed to be myself and show them how I function in a group and how I react to time-pressure. They probably were looking for cool-headed but enthusiastic and quick-to-respond people. I wasn’t sure if I fit that bill, but I was confident I gave it my all. I showed them exactly who I am and how I deal with working in a group.


The final interview

Yet again, I got through to the next round: the final interview. This interview was the chance to show that your characteristics are fit for being a cabin attendant. I told them about previous jobs and how I had responded to stressful situations. And most important, how my experiences had made me into a person that has the right personality for this job.

After the interview I felt relaxed and like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I had done everything I could and now it was time to wait for the outcome. The next day I already got a phone call: “Congratulations! You got the job!” I jumped up and down for the remainder of that day (and alright, I haven’t stopped jumping even now).

What will happen next?

On June 6th my training will start. If I complete the whole training positively, I’m officially a Cabin Attendant. Which means I’ll be trading my sneakers for 2-7cm heels, shedding my all-black outfits, changing into a royal blue one. I will be leaving the safe surroundings of my home office. I’m becoming a Flight Attendant!


For a summary of the process and the job itself (in Dutch) you can visit this website. The vacancy is closed as for now, but keep an eye out. You never know when KLM might be hiring again! And if you want to know more about the next step of the selection process, check out how our crew earns their wings during the process

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Gefeliciteerd Esmee! Leuk om eens samen te vliegen! Geniet ervan x Valerie

Esmee Droog

Dankjewel!! Lijkt me ook echt heel leuk! xx


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Congratulations, sounds like you are just the right fit for the position (such as one can discern from your writing!). Hope the rest of the process goes as well as the first 6 steps. Aviation has a unique culture and is a great environment, whatever your job!

Esmee Droog

Thank you so much for your kind words and your message :)! I’ve experienced the aviation culture and it’s people before and it’s been nothing but wonderful, so I’ll have to agree with you! I’m super excited for this!


Good luck

Esmee Droog

Thank you!


Leuk Esmee!! Welkom terug! :)

Esmee Droog

Dankjewel!! It’s good to be back :D!


Gefeliciteerd en de training gaat ook lukken! Houd ons op de hoogte net als Valerie! Love it succes met de training. Fingers crossed

Esmee Droog

Dankje voor je leuke berichtje! Ik ga mijn best doen en houd jullie op de hoogte!


Gefeliciteerd, erg intressant om dit verhaal te lezen


Succes! Gaat vast lukken!


HAHA! Terri, then it shd be spelled as spouse, not bf/gf hehehe. Good that you are covatrvseine. That is one virtue that is so missing these days. Glad that your home ministry is in good hands ;)

Elia Karen Jiménez Gonzalez

My daugheter is interisting un being a Flight
Attendant , can you sent more information please

Esmee Droog

Flora Oluwole

Hi I’m a Nigerian and im Soo interested in being a flight attendant for KLM.
En ik ben zelfs leren Dutch.
But what I don’t know is if KLM hire Nigerians Also or blacks 😥😥😥 please I need a reply this is my dreammmmm

Godfrey Monkoli

Am Godfrey from Kampala Uganda , am doing adiploma in Cabin Crew and after finishing my studies by the end of this year , i would like to work for KLM


Congratulations! Congratulations!! Congratulations!!!

KLM is a really great Airline…you are very fortunate.

Kiki Meinders

Heel veel succes en plezier!

Maak jij deel uit van de ‘zomer stewardessen’ die dit jaar aangenomen zijn?
Vlieg zelf ook dus misschien tot snel!

Esmee Droog

Dankjewel Kiki! Ja, ik ben ‘zomerstewardess’ haha! Zou leuk zijn, see you on board!

Kiki Meinders

Heel veel plezier!
Wel jammer dat het maar voor 4 maandjes is!
Maar iets is beter dan niets toch!
Alles eruit halen wat erin zit!

Rudi Greve

Congratulations. You won’t work a day again in your life!!

David Wilder

Wow, we are all jeallous of your courage and spirit of adventure. Good luck and hope you will use your drinks voucher in the NYC crew hotel one day very soon!

Esmee Droog

Thanks so much for your message! I hope so too, NYC sounds amazing!

Karen Williams

Would love doing this job

Esmee Droog

Chase your dreams :)!

Robin Wenders

Gefeliciteerd! Tot in de galley van de zomer! Heb zelf in 2014 gesolliciteerd en het is echt fantastisch!!
Groetjes uit Calgary!

Esmee Droog

Dankjewel! Ik geloof het meteen, heb er zoveel zin in! Hopelijk zien we elkaar een keer aan boord!




Congratulations on passing the tests! Wishing you every succes on your personal D Day.


Congratulations! I wish you much success with your new endeavor!

Félix Maltchinski

Tights mandatory even its hot.

Richard Chapman

Well done, enjoy your flying career!

Abraham carrasco

Hello KLM!! I’m Abraham carrasco. I would like to have information about where and when can I apply to be a cabin crew?. I’m from Peru .. I don’t know if you do recluiment here in Lima-Perú. Please I’ll be very grateful.

Esmee Droog

Hi Abraham, I don’t know either, but for more information you can visit:

Good luck!


I was fanltsaicalty pleased to find this web-site.I sought after to thanks for your calculate used for this wonderful read!! I positively enjoying every insignificant crumb of it and I have you bookmarked to check outdated new to the job ram you blog post.

E. Tanaka

Hi Esmee Droog, i’m from Peru and i hope KLM is recluiting people from here. Please a little help to contact with them or other ways to be part of the crew cabin a flight attendant. please is my dream and it would be awesome. Enjoy your experience. Thanks.

Elizabeth Ormston

well done Fantastic job


Nice story!
I tryied others airlines and I don’t pass in the final interview, I get really happy when it works and hear about the success of others people, gives me hope.
How did you get to know about this vacancy?
What are the requirements for applying to be a flight attendant at KLM?
I am from Brazil but already lived in Holland and now I am applying for the dutch citizenship and studying Nederland…
If everything goes well I will be living in the Netherlands until the end of the year :)
I wish you good luck!!


Hey Michelle,

applying for a position as a flight attendant is tough since the competition is great. Make sure to write a great resume and search on the internet for various job offerings.
This is a great resource I found that can help you in your search:

Fly safely!

Luke Mansfield

Thank you for this blog post! I start my cabin crew training at A British airline on 3rd June, and I can’t wait! Perhaps we will bump into each other one day! :)

Anne Winter

Congratulations from the staff at Verstraete Travel, Esmee. We met you when you flew from Toronto with the Veteran’s to cover the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Holland last year. We enjoyed your blog and wish you the best in your new job. You’ve definitely got the right personality.

Esmee Droog

Hi Anne, I remember! It was lovely meeting you then and lovely reading your message now! Thank you so much for your words. I’m really excited to start my training and get to work. Maybe I’ll even fly to Toronto again! Who knows.


Good looking cabin crew!!!
Contact me if you have a stop In Oslo

Esmee Droog

Oh I sure hope so, Oslo sounds amazing!

Katie homes

Hi esmee congratulations!! Im wanting to be cabin crew and I would really love to work for KLM. I am from the UK and was just wondering if they have UK bases or whether I would have to move to the Netherlands also I have a thigh tattoo it’s not visible providing the skirt is knee length and doesn’t rise, but I have heard that KLM can wear trousers too so would they accept me with this tattoo as it not being visible or would I need to get it removed.

Jelly zhou

Hi! Frist congratulations you got it!!! I’m from China . I heard the klm will come here have a network application invitation. And yesterday I was apply for this job– a flight attendant. Am so excited wait for the news. But unfortunately this morning I got message “sorry you didn’t pass”. I was very disappointed. I hope next chance I must go it !

Ro kson Ankomah

Hello I want to become freight attendant


Hi I am Liza interested to work for klm but I cannot find the website where I can apply online if you won’t mind please share the link with me thank you!

Amos Cohen


Amos Cohen

I’m interesting in being a flight attendant


Hai, I really want to be apart of KLM cabin crew but i don’t the requirements, do i need to speak fluent Dutch ? Are they accept candidate from Malaysia ? Btw it’s great that you achieve what you want !


How to apply for klm to be a Cabin attendant

Suzie Thpmas

Hello from Malaysia, I’m Suzie. It is an honour for me if I can be accepted to serve with KLM. I am doing pre-diploma in GSO at SEGI college.. I hope to hear good news from KLM soon.
Your co-operation is very much appreciated, thank you.

Juliet Nanteza

Hello I’m Nantes Julie, I want to work in klm airline as a cabin crew, how do I apply? Help me

Paula López

Hola mi nombre es paula siempre ha sido mi sueño volar en klm queria saber que edad mínima es para ingreso y el idioma holandes es totalmente necesario? Gracias

Oluwabunmi AGNES Akinfolarin

Nice job, I want to work with KLM Airlines as a flight attendants…. How do I apply?

Danica Kellar

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Country: Mauritius

Jamielle Blake

I would really like to know how this goes exactly, do we just fill out the application, submit it and wait for an email r a phone call ,because am dying to become an air hostess from i was about 13 yrs to be exact if i remember correctly.I am also having a hard time to find the applications


cabin crew


i want to join the crew


hello olebogeng, its me natasha. i also want to join the crew. I love crew i am searching so many site to collect information about how to become air hostess how to join crew. i would like to share
this site . please check it

Joey Trev

Hi ladies
Does anyone have old used tights or pantyhose you don’t need?
Used for crafts
Let me know


Kimberly Sencia

Can I work as a flight attendant being a Venezuelan citizen? Im 18 years old, speak 2 languages (english and italian) besides my native languague Spanish. I hope your reply, first of all thanks!!


Why is it very hard to become a flight attendant?


Ive always wanted this kind of job it’s what I’ve always wanted as a kid. I just wanted to know can we apply even if we don’t didn’t finish school


Hi ,
I also want to become airhostess in KLM. Airlines I like this airlines more because I traveled from India to Canada on 25th November is so comfortable and royal flight. Plz help and guide me so that I can become a cabinet present I am in 9th grade and I can score more than 80percentage in exams.

Lydia R.

Hi there, I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Asian). I have 2 questions: (1) Does KLM hires Asian for their cabin attendant? (2) And is it a must to have a good fluency in Dutch language for this position in KLM? Thanks and have a good day! :)


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Great story! 😍
I am a Cabin Attendant as well, but KLM has been a dream since forever.
is there any opportunity of being part of the “Air Team” without speaking Dutch?

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