The Story Behind Seat 42K: Please Meet This Cheeky Couple

In an unguarded moment, I told a colleague who also blogs for KLM that I write about special passengers. I do this because I cherish those memories. Although these stories are rather personal, I want to share them with you, so that you too can get to know the passenger in seat 1A or 42K.

We’re at Vancouver International preparing for take-off to Amsterdam. There are two very cheerful Canadian ladies in my work zone. They start chatting to the man in 4A, who isn’t happy with his seat. It’s too small, he says. I pretend not to hear their conversation as I serve them pre-flight drinks. One of the ladies says cheekily: “That seat isn’t too small, you’re too big!” I stifle a laugh and fortunately hear the man laughing too.


But the lady isn’t done yet. “And look at me,” she says. “I can’t reach my footrest. That’s not because the seat is too big, but because my legs are too short! So it seems we all have our own little problems to deal with!” She stretches her legs demonstratively and is indeed unable to reach the footrest. “Let me help you with that,” I say bending forward and pretending to stretch her legs for her. She has a good laugh and makes a remark about the extent of KLM’s fantastic service.


The lady has also disarmed her grumpy neighbour with her humour. When I serve him a drink, he looks relaxed and seems to have taken the lady’s advice, reconciling himself with his “undersized” seat. I have a pleasant chat with the ladies and their neighbour as I’m serving them drinks and their starters. The animated conversation and laughter of the three Canadians seems to be infectious, because the atmosphere throughout the cabin is good.

No worries

But then something goes wrong while heating the meals, and I don’t have the beef dish one of the Canadian ladies ordered. When I apologise profusely, her response is heart-warming: “Oh, that’s absolutely no problem at all. I’ll eat whatever you have left. We’re fine, we’re comfortable and perfectly happy here. We aren’t going anywhere, so don’t you hurry and don’t you worry!”

I could kiss the ladies for being so kind, and say: “That’s so good to hear! You are such gay people! You really make me happy!” As I turn around and head towards the galley, I hear a stifled laugh: “Yes, we are a gay couple! She saw that right away.” When I turn around and say, “I heard that!” they burst into infectious laughter again.

Amsterdam rainbow

Let’s take her home

About 1.5 hours before landing, I bring the ladies their breakfast. They’ve been sleeping peacefully for hours. One of them remarks: “And here she comes again…with breakfast! How lovely! Shall we take her home with us?” Everyone is awake and in a good mood because of this friendly duo. And there I am in the aisle, blushing like mad, shaking with laughter, stuttering: “Oh, okay, why not? I feel very gay today!”

Thanks for reading my blog. If you enjoyed it, you can read more of my blogs here. One of them is about Baruch, a sweet kid who made my day during a night flight.

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Nice blog. Enjoyed reading it. Made my day….;)


The same with me! best KLM blog ever, loved it ….;-)

Max-Henrik Krause

A sweet little story

Adelina Richardson

Waw, so many obstacles in our life and so many possibilities in our life and so many positive things in our life, may God bless the staff of KLM…


Hello Renata,

I liked your story, it develops into hilareous moments…..
For some reason I was mislead by the blogtitle…”the story behind seat 42K” which in most aircraft is situated at the tailsection pretty close or even into the galley….
Your words on adjustable footrest, pre-flightdrinks, and a beef menu made me puzzle, as a frequent flyer to and from Vancouver in the Tail Eco section, I never experienced these types of priviliges normally available to First or Bizz only…….

Annja Schild PS veel lees plezier!!

What A great story!
It makes me so happy to read this.
KLM is just The greatest and loveliest!

But then again I am biast because I am a REAL KLM daughter !! ♥️ and proud of it !!

If you want to know more about my father a true KLM’er here is the link to the website about my parents and their journey in/with KLM.
My father has dedicated his whole life and his skills, everything to KLM!
He was thé big ‍ Chef and head of the kitchen not only at Schiphol but in all the country’s that he was send out to for the job.

Where he went my mother went
And I am so very proud to be truly
their KLM daughter !!

Een blog from KLM about Plaswijck ( Thailand )



Antonio Martins

You’re the best…. congrats


great experience and felt like i was right there in the cabin =)

KLM is the best !!!



Muahmmad Arif

Yup, most KLM staff are friendly and I enjoy flying with KLM.


Love your blog. There is something special with aviation stories for sure.

Gabrielle Lee

Even if I wasn’t there, I could envision those two hilarious ladies laughing out loud, which must made you really happy during your flight.

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