Weird Places: The Swimming Pigs Of The Bahamas

There are people who make it a sport to visit the strangest and most remarkable places on earth. Our “weird places” blog is designed to give them a nudge in a new direction. Like the Bahamas—a beautiful region in the Caribbean Sea. It consists of some 700 islands with lots of sun, sea, beaches and… pigs?

That’s right. And, no, I’m not referring to beachgoers who could stand to lose a few pounds around the waistline. One Bahamian island is the home of a family of pigs—about twenty in all. Years ago, the pigs settled into an uninhabited island called Big Major Cay, which the locals call Pig Beach.

Swimming pig

You can’t really call them the indigenous population. But no one knows for certain how they got there. There are legends about a shipwreck and the pigs who survived by swimming ashore. Others believe it’s nothing more than a ploy to attract tourists.

Swimming pig

What is it that makes these animals so much fun? Well, they swim—and not just a little bit. If you visit the beach, they’ll come dog paddling (as it were) happily up to your boat—in exchange, of course, for something to eat. They’re pigs, after all. If you’re in the mood to cool off, just jump in with these pink or brown-dappled friends. They may be omnivorous, but they don’t bite.

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Joseph B. Cassidy, III

If you look around, you will find delightfully strange occurrences where you would least expect them. Like the crow that hitched a ride on an American Bald Eagle, while the eagle was in midflight. This event was highlighted recently by an avid nature photographer. Things like this are always amusing, and show that there is always something to smile about. It may be strange and different, but also delightfully amusing. and perhaps even a little bit of fun!


The swimming pigs are adorable! And if you get to Nassau you can take Harbour Safaris excursion there on a day trip! Simply amazing!

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